Karate Test Automation

Assured agility and reliability with open source frontend test automation framework.

The Challenges:

Verify and validate using a unified framework.

Businesses are always on the lookout for simple solutions to complex problems which can break the technology dominance. As companies are vying to provide the best technological solutions, organizations need an integrated and optimized approach to solve their problems.

However, there are several challenges that companies face while finding such solutions.

Challenges faced by businesses

Solution by Testrig Technologies:

Karate automation testing service for versatile test solutions

Testrig’s Karate automation testing service aims at providing a comprehensive solution to test the API, UI, and performance of applications. As Karate follows the writing style of the cucumber tool, the syntax of it is easily understandable and so it becomes easy for customers to adopt the framework. The service offering leverages the Karate testing framework to combine API test automation and performance testing. Our Karate API testing services assure resilient, robust, and secure APIs to help your business grow and earn customer trust.

Our solutions:


API test Automation

Data Driven testing

Continuous Integration

Cross-Browser testing

End-to-end functionality of the API

Performance and security testing of API

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Why Choose Testrig Technologies:

At Testrig Technologies, we aim at helping our clients to meet the ever-changing expectations of their customers. Our agile testing services and DevOps method help in accelerating the digital transformation journey of our customers.  Our testing strategies including API testing,  continuous automation, performance engineering, and continuous optimization have brought value to our customers in terms of high ROI, immediate cost savings, and reduced production defects.

Testrig advantage:


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